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    • What is identity theft?

      Identity theft can be defined as an illegal use of an individual’s personal information, such as a Social Security Number, to establish new accounts or new loans.  It can also include fraud committed against your current Eastman Credit Union accounts, such as ACH or share draft forgeries.  No matter how you define it, identity theft is not pleasant to deal with, if or when it happens to you.  ECU is here to help you if it does, and we have some suggestions to help you prevent it from happening.  Here they are…

      Info to help avoid becoming a victim of identity theft:

      • Carry only those pieces of identification you absolutely need.
      • Make a photocopy of the contents of your wallet and store them in a safe place.
      • Shred any documents containing financial or personal information before throwing them away.
      • Do not give personal or account information to anyone over the phone.
      • Only use secure websites when shopping online or surfing the web.
      • Store all checks (new and canceled) in a safe place.
      • Don’t include your Social Security number or driver’s license number on your checks.
      • Review monthly accounts and credit card statements for unauthorized charges.
      • Report any lost or stolen checks, credit and debit cards immediately.



    • Identity Theft and Fraud Go Hand in Hand.

      Identity theft and account fraud happens when someone obtains your personal information, and attempts to acquire loans, accounts in your name and/or social security number, steals your wallet and forges your signature on checks, uses your cards, or withdraws your money for their gain.  ECU is here to help you navigate through the process of identifying when you are a victim of identity theft and account fraud. 

    • My identity was stolen. What should I do?

      This can seem like an overwhelming situation but with a little time and effort, you can get it all back under control.  Visit our Identity Theft Info Sheet to help you get things back on track. 

    • What if the identity theft involves my ECU accounts?

      We’re here to help!  Contact ECU immediately at 1-800-999-2328.  You may also visit any ECU branch location and work with a Member Service Representative to take additional steps to protect your identity.  You should also review the Identity Theft Info Sheet at the bottom of this FAQ for additional steps you can take when your identity is stolen.  We will be glad to help guide you through this process.

    • I think my identity was stolen online. What do I need to do?

      First thing’s first.  Turn off any device you think is compromised, and immediately reset ALL of your passwords for email, social media, shopping, banking, etc.  from a different computer/device than the one you believe is compromised.  ECU also recommends that you have your computer/device professionally inspected and cleaned prior to allowing you to access ECU Online again.  We will take steps to protect your ECU Online account access, including blocking all access to it until you notify us that your computer/device has been cleaned.  In addition to blocking ECU Online access, we will also need to close and reopen new accounts for you.  We do this because your account numbers could have been compromised and used at any time.  That’s not something you want to deal with down the road, it takes a little time but it’s well worth it when this happens.

    • I didn't allow anyone to use my computer/device, but have given someone my ECU Online credentials.

      Change your ECU Online user ID and password now!  Seriously, stop reading this and do it, you can pick this back up in a minute.  Contact ECU at 1-800-999-2328 if you don’t know how to change your ECU Online user ID and password and we’ll be glad to help.   We also need to close and reopen new accounts since your account numbers may have been compromised.  NEVER give anyone your ECU Online login credentials.  You can also report any information you may have had about the fraud and individuals involved by visiting the FTC website at consumer.ftc.gov.


    • What should I do if I notice an unusual transaction on my account?

      Contact ECU immediately.  We will work with you to determine more about the transaction and take appropriate action.  There are time constraints on certain types of transactions so it’s imperative that you review your accounts on a regular basis and notify us immediately if you notice something unusual. Reviewing your accounts regularly is one of the best proactive things you can do!

    • What if my personal information was physically stolen? This includes your purse, wallet, phone, etc.

      You should file a police report as soon as possible.  Contact ECU if any of the information was related to your ECU accounts.  Depending on the information that was taken, we will advise you on steps you can take to protect your identity.  If your phone is stolen, you should also contact your service provider and have the phone blocked.  They might also be able to remotely wipe the device, to help prevent additional information theft.  Smartphones contain a large amount of data about you, and if someone is able to access the phone, it may give them access to additional personal information that they could use.  Refer to the Identity Theft Info Sheet  for additional steps you can take in this situation.

    • If I discover a loan or deposit account I don't recognize, what should I do?

      Contact the institution where the account or loan is established. Request more information to determine if the account is legitimate or if it was opened fraudulently.  If you determine that it is fraud, file a dispute with the institution.  You can also refer to the Identity Theft Info Sheet at the bottom of this FAQ for some additional steps you can take, in addition to filing a dispute

    • What if the deposit account or loan I don't recognize is with ECU?

      Contact ECU immediately at 1-800-999-2328.  We hate ID Theft and Fraud just as much as you do!  We will investigate the account and let you know what we find.  We will take the appropriate actions, and please know, that if it’s not your account or loan, you will not be held responsible for it.

    • I reviewed my credit reports and I found an account that I didn't open. What do I do now?

      If the accounts are with ECU, please contact us immediately at 1-800-999-2328 and we will investigate them and let you know what action needs to be taken.  If the accounts are with another institution, contact that institution and ask for additional information on the accounts.  If you determine that the accounts are fraudulent, refer to the Identity Theft Info Sheet for additional steps you can take.

    • What if I think someone I know or family member is trying to access my information?

      Contact ECU if you believe this is occurring on your accounts with ECU.  We will work with you to protect your accounts.

    • I am concerned about data breaches. What can I do to protect my identity?

      We understand, and you should be concerned.  Here are some things you can do to protect your identity now and in the future:

      • Check credit reports.  Consumers can obtain these for free at www.annualcreditreport.com.  It may be prudent to order a credit report from a different agency every few months instead of ordering credit reports from all agencies at once.
      • Monitor all credit card and online accounts closely for unauthorized activity.
      • Consider placing a credit freeze on credit reports.  This will make it difficult for someone to open credit accounts under your name.  For more information about a credit freeze, visit the Federal Trade Commission website at consumer.ftc.gov
      • File taxes as early as possible.  One common form of identity theft happens when someone with access to your SSN files taxes under your name before you do in order to obtain tax refunds.
      • Consider opting out of offers for new credit and insurance that are sent via postal mail.  Identity thieves like to intercept these credit offers and open lines of credit or obtain insurance fraudulently.  To opt out, consumers can call 1-888-567-8688 or visit www.optoutprescreen.com
      • If the breach involves a specific company you should contact that company and ask what actions they recommend that you take.  It’s always best to be proactive when it comes to your personal information.

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