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    Additional FAQs

    • Can I sign up multiple phone numbers in the same household for Pay with Points?

      You may only assign one 10-digit U.S. mobile number per household or account.

    • I received multiple Pay with Points messages after consecutive purchases. Can I redeem them all?

      You may only redeem against the most recent email or text message received.  You can go to the Pay with Points section of the ECU Credit Card Rewards website to choose to Select & Credit from up to the last 45 days of qualifying transactions that have not already been redeemed.

    • Can I sign up multiple accounts for Pay with Points with the same phone number?

      Yes, you may assign a 10-digit U.S. mobile number to all eligible accounts in good standing.

    • Why didn't I receive a text message for my purchase?

      Certain categories of transaction, such as dining or gas stations may not receive a message due to the authorization process needed.  You must also have enough points in your account to cover the redemption and the transaction must fall in the categories and dollar threshold you have selected. Some dining transactions may not include the tip when processed, which may also impact the transaction’s inclusion based on your dollar threshold.

    • Will I receive Pay with Points email or text messages for international transactions?

      If an international merchant transaction qualifies and is coded under a category and dollar threshold you have selected, you will receive a message.  Please note that not all international merchant transactions may process due to differences in categorization by the processor and foreign exchange rates.  Your statement credit may also vary from the exact transaction amount due to foreign exchange differences.

    • Will I receive notifications while I am travelling internationally?

      Yes, you will receive notifications for qualifying transactions.  Please consult with your carrier for any applicable SMS charges that may apply during your travel.

    • Will I receive a Pay with Points email or text message for my auto bill pay transactions?

      If the transaction falls within your preferences and dollar threshold, and you have enough points to redeem against it, you will receive a notification.

    • Why is the Pay with Points credit on my statement different from my transaction amount?

      The statement credit may be different from your final purchase amount if the transaction included a gratuity, fees, estimated taxes, or foreign exchange.

    • How do I stop receiving text messages or emails for Pay with Points?

      You can opt-out of texts at any time by going online to the ECU Credit Card Rewards website, by texting 'STOP' in response to a notification or by calling Eastman CU  at 888-209-0352. You can opt-out of emails at any time by going online to the ECU Credit Card Rewards website, or by calling Eastman CU at 888-209-0352.  After you opt-out, you may still receive messages for up to 24 hours.

    • My points are combined with my significant other's, will I be notified for purchases he/she makes?

      Yes.  If your transactions qualify to earn combined points under a program, the household member who has opted in to receiving messages will receive notification for any qualifying Visa credit transaction.

    • Why is my transaction not displaying for redemption on my loyalty program website?

      Transactions begin to be collected when you first come to the ECU Credit rewards website or opt-in for notifications.  Transactions before this date will not display. Transactions that are not of the amount or in categories allowed by your program will not display. And you will only ever see qualifying transactions for which you have enough points to redeem.

    • Are there limits on the amounts that qualify for Pay with Points?

      Yes, purchases that are a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $250 may qualify.

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