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    Keep an Eye Out: Credit Report Errors

    Your credit report should be about you and only you.  And, if it’s about someone else, well – there’s a problem.  But, no worries, together, we can fix it! The #1 reason to watch your credit report is to be sure that it’s accurate. 


    What to Look For On Your Credit Report

    If you find any of the items listed below, you need to correct your credit report immediately.  We’ll tell you how, in our article How to Fix Credit Report Errors!

    Is It All About You?

    • Is your information correct?
      • Check your information
      • Verify your name, address, etc.  for accuracy and spelling
    • Do you have a “mixed file”? 
      • Mixed files occur when another person’s trade line(s) appear on your report because you have similar identifying information.
      • Take note of the information for accuracy. 
    • Do you see other information that is not yours? 
      • Totally incorrect information usually results from identity theft.
      • Your name may appear with a different address and a mysterious trade line.

    Account Status Errors?

    Are the creditors reporting the accounts correctly?  Check each account to make sure all information is updated and accurate.

    A few things to look for:

    • Are closed accounts reported as open?
    • Are you shown as the account owner, when you are actually just an authorized user?
    • Do you see accounts reported as delinquent when they’ve been paid on time?
    • Are the dates correct?  Check last payment dates, opened dates, closed dates, dates of first delinquencies, etc.
    • Do you see the same trade line listed more than once, but with different names? 

    Data Blunders?

    • Did you previously correct information on your report?  Was it updated appropriately? 
    • Are there accounts appearing multiple times? For instance, is there a delinquent account that is appearing from the lender and again from the collection agency?

    Balance Miscalculations?

    • As of the reporting date, are the balances shown for each trade line accurate?
    • Are the credit limits shown accurate?  This is very important to your credit score. See the article Credit Tips

    Correcting Errors 

    • When you pull your credit report, the steps to dispute and correct inaccurate information will be included. 
    • You may visit our step by step guide – How to Fix Report Errors.
    • You may visit an ECU branch and speak with and MSR in person.
    • You may contact GreenPath, and speak directly to your own, confidential financial expert who will assist you in with making your corrections!

    Visit Greenpath

    Things To Know

    The Responsible Co-Signer or Authorized User

    Whether you are the primary account holder, joint, co-signer, or authorized user on a credit card account, accounts are reported if you have an association regardless of who is the designated party responsible for payment. 

    Unfortunately, any shared loans, co-signed loans, or credit cards, even if you’re not responsible for paying the bill, will appear on your credit report.  If the other party is negligent on their responsibility to pay, their poor habits will reflect negatively on your report, but only for the shared trade line.

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