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    Feeling that Holiday Pressure to Spend, Spend, Spend?

    Here’s How to Stay on Track.


    The holidays are beautiful, magical, and dang…They can get expensive fast. Before you have even cleared the table after Thanksgiving dinner, your inbox is overflowing with urgent, high-pressure offers to buy now, or miss out of crazy savings. (For real:  according to Digital Commerce 360, the average person gets more than 18 emails a day promoting holiday deals for Black Friday. Over the course of the holiday weekend, you probably got more than 50 messages urging you to spend now.)

    All those “deals” can add up to holiday-induced financial stress. In a November Bankrate survey, more than 60% of people expressed anxiety about overspending during the holidays.

    Translation: It’s hard to stay on track financially, especially during the gift-giving season, when retailers are working overtime to get you to spend your money.

    So how do you enjoy a magical holiday without overspending?


    Figure out your plan


    The first step our financial counselors recommend is to figure out what you can spend. “A spending plan can be really simple,” says client advocate Maurice Turner, who works with people to help them figure out how much they have, what’s already committed to expenses and bills, and how to use what’s left to achieve their goals.



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