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    Enjoy 3.99% APR
    on Balance Transfers and Cash Advances

    made to your ECU Visa credit card through February 29, 2024. All balances will convert to 9.90% APR – 18.00% APR after August 31, 2024.


    No fees. No deferred interest. No opt-ins required.

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    Why transfer your high-interest credit card balances
    from other lenders to your ECU Visa?

    Low rate

    No transfer fees

    Simple Process





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    Process it yourself!

    Perform a Cash Advance in ECU Online Banking by transferring funds from your ECU Visa to your Checking Account. Use the funds to pay off your high-interest credit card!


    Or complete one of the following options and we’ll process your request within 2 business days:

    1. Login to your ECU Online Banking > Hover over the Cards tab > Complete the Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer Form

    2. Print and complete the Credit Card Balance Transfer Form

    3. Call 423-229-8200 or 800-999-2328




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    Important Information: Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Interest will accrue on all balances unless paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. Cash advance and balance transfer balances are always subject to a finance charge from the date they are posted to your account. Business accounts and other ECU loan balances are not eligible for the promotional rate. For details on the Visa Cardholder Agreement, click here.


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