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    ECU Launches Card Control

    September 11, 2017

    We've made it easier than ever for you to safeguard your card from fraud.  
    Our new CardControl puts you in charge of your card 24/7 and alerts you of potential fraud so that you can take action immediately!  


    Switch Cards On and Off Instantly. Lock or unlock your card with a single touch of your smartphone. If you lose your card, just turn it off! If you find it, instantly turn it back on!

    Specify Where Your Cards Can Be Used. Limit the range of where your card can be used. Set your card to be used within a few miles of where your smartphone is located or limit card usage to a specific geographic location on a map. You can also set restrictions to allow or deny international purchases.*

    Choose Merchant Categories. Limit the use of your card by specifying the use of your card at certain types of merchants. Set a spending limit for transactions made at gas stations, department stores, etc. You can even set a maximum amount on what you spend on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Customize Transaction Types. Enable or disable certain types of purchases made with your card.

    Set Your Spending Limits. Put a limit on the dollar amount that can be charged to your card. For example, if you enter $200 as your purchase limit, anything that exceeds this amount will be denied.

    Receive Instant Transaction Alerts. CardControl can send you real-time alerts when transactions are attempted on your card that break the location, merchant type, or spending limit rule you've set for your card.


    CardControl is a great way to help you manage your budget, reduce the risk of fraud, and control family spending too.  
    You control where, when, and how your card is used anywhere, anytime.  With ultimate control of your debit and credit card comes peace of mind!

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