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"Your happy future is also ours..." And, at ECU, we understand that life can be filled with many financial questions, but rest assured - you have somewhere to turn when you need answers.  ECU's staff are prepared to answer almost any financial question or connect you with the appropriate resource.  That's what it means to have ECU BESIDE YOU.

Auto Buying

Be prepared when you purchase your next vehicle with these great resources.

  Understanding Credit

From credit reports to credit cards, understanding credit can make a gigantic impact on your financial success.



Debt Management

Most everyone has debt, but major life events and expected emergencies can cause debt to skyrocket.  If this happens to you, there are resources to help.



Identity Theft

With fraud, scams, phishing, and hackers becoming more common, learn how to protect your information as well as what to do if your information is comprised.


Home Buying & Renting

The largest purchase you'll most likely make is your home.  Use these resource to help you make the best decision possible.


Discover the secrets to customizing a budget with "stick to it" power!


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