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One Loan.  One Payment.

Do you have multiple student loans with varying rates financed at other financial institutions or from other sources?  Wouldn’t you love the simplicity of one student loan payment at a great rate?  ECU can help!

At ECU, we can consolidate your existing student loans into one loan with one payment.  We’ll use a weighted average of all the rates you are currently paying on each individual loan financed elsewhere to arrive at one great rate applicable to the sum of all your outstanding student loan balances.

Simplify your life by eliminating student loan payments to multiple lenders and consolidate into one easy monthly payment today!  Visit to apply.

Federal Loan Consolidation:  Federal student loan programs offer various repayment options, such as deferment or loan forgiveness.  If you consolidate or refinance your federal loans with ECU, you will no longer be eligible to participate in these federal programs.  For more information, visit

Important Information:
Promotion available for a limited time.  A copy of the most recent statement showing the current rate being paid on all loans to be consolidated must be provided.  Minimum rate is 4.5%.  Maximum loan amount is $60,000.  Student loans financed at ECU are not eligible for this promotion.  Subject to approval.  Certain restrictions apply.

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