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1. How much does bill pay cost? 
Bill pay is FREE!

2. How do I enroll in bill pay?
Simply click on the Bill Payments icon within ECU Online, complete the online registration form and submit it with a click! Upon approval, you will receive an email indicating that your application has been approved. Within 1 to 3 business days, you will receive another email indicating that the Bill Payment feature is now active.

3. Who can I pay with bill pay?
You can pay practically anyone using bill pay - charge accounts, utilities, auto loans, even your doctor or day-care center.

4. How do I set up a Merchant?
Click on the Add/Edit Merchant button, complete the required fields for your new merchant and click on the "Add Payee" button. It is important to verify all the information is correct when setting up your merchant.

5. What if my Merchant's address changes?
If your Merchant's address changes, you must treat it as a "new" payee and add a brand new Merchant record. By doing this, you will then have two merchant records- the old and the new. You may delete the "old" record, BUT doing so will delete your payment history for that merchant.

6. Can I set up bill pay to send recurring payments?
Yes. Simply complete the "Recurring Payments" section on your Merchant information screen. All recurring payments will be marked with a "R" symbol. Remember, once you set up a recurring payment, the same amount will automatically be sent every month until you edit or delete the payment.

7. How soon are funds actually taken out of my account?
Bill payments are debited from your account on the next business following the processing date you requested. Remember, you must allow 7-10 business days for payments to reach your payee.

8. Can I add a memo to display on the check for non-electronic payments?
Yes. The first 40 characters you enter on the memo line will be printed on the face of the check. If the memo line contains more than 40 characters, only the first 40 will print. This will allow you to enter information that you would normally write on the memo line of a handwritten check.

9. How is the payment sent to my Merchant?
If a merchant will accept electronic payments, your bills will be paid electronically. However, merchants who cannot accept payments electronically will receive a check through the mail.

10. How long does it take for my Merchant to receive payment?
It normally takes seven to ten business days after the process date for the Merchant to receive payment depending on if the payment is made electronically or by check. However, under certain conditions, it could take up to 10 business days for the Merchant to credit your payment. If electronic, the process date for payment should be at least 3 business days before the actual payment due date. If the payment is made by check, the process date should be 5 business days before the payment due date. The method used to pay your bills will be display under "Pay Date" on the screen that lists your payees.

11. Why do I need a confirmation number for each payment?
The confirmation number is noted on each transaction you make and is needed if you request research from Metavante Corporation. The confirmation number will identify the specific payment requiring attention.

12. If in doubt about a payment who should I call?
You may call ECU's Service Center at (423) 229.8200 or (800) 999-2328.

13. How can I check if Merchants have received payment?
You can contact your merchant or review your next month's statement to determine if payment has been received.

14.  How do I stop payment on a check?
You may call ECU's Service Center at (423) 229.8200 or (800) 999-2328.


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