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How ECU Protects Your Information 

Eastman Credit Union and our leading technology partners strive to provide the most secure environment possible for worry-free online account access.  We continually evaluate new technologies to take advantage of evolving security enhancements. 

Below are some of the measures ECU takes to protect your online information: 

Secure Login
Unique member numbers and passwords are designed to protect your identity.  This data is stored in a protected, secure environment, isolated from the Internet, where it can not be accessed or downloaded by anyone on the Internet.  

Secure Communications
The privacy of communications between your computer and ECU Online servers is ensured using encryption.  Encryption scrambles information so that it can not be used by unauthorized parties.  ECU uses industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  When visiting ECU’s Web site, notice the Internet browser displays a closed padlock symbol in the bottom right-hand corner and the address bar displays https://.  This signifies the information is being encrypted.  

Secure Environment
While the security architecture is too complex to explain here, it is important to point out that the servers that store your actual account information are not directly connected to the Internet.  State-of-the-art technology is used to manage and protect the ECU Online environment including: firewalls, intrusion detection, redundant servers and virus protection.  Additionally, independent auditing firms regularly verify proper security measures are in place.  

Time-Out Feature
Our Web site has a timeout feature that automatically terminates your session after a specified period of inactivity.  This prevents curious persons from continuing your ECU Online session in case you leave your computer unattended without logging out.

Unsuccessful Login Limit
Access to ECU Online will be denied or locked out after three (3) unsuccessful login attempts.  This prevents others from endlessly trying to guess your member number and password.  

Login History
Each time you log into ECU Online the screen displays your name, and the date and time of your last successful login or unsuccessful login attempt.  This allows you to better identify any suspicious activity. 

Sign Off / Exit
Pressing the Sign Off / Exit button when you leave ECU Online clears out confidential information residing on your computer from your ECU Online session.

Additional Measures taken by ECU and our Technology Partners

  • We continually perform internal risk assessments to determine and address potential risks.
  • We perform external security audits for critical financial applications.
  • We secure our facilities, our network and our servers.
  • If we transmit financial information, we encrypt it and transmit it securely.
  • We prepare for disasters to enable timely and secure recovery.
  • We install virus protection on all relevant servers.
  • We continually scan our network for vulnerabilities and remediate against any we might find.
  • We run back-ups to a secure off-site location.
  • We have an incident response plan in place should it be needed and test it on regular basis to ensure we are ready to act.
  • We perform background checks on staff at hiring.
  • We remove individuals’ access credentials to systems and facilities when they leave ECU.
  • We only allow authorized individuals access to information when it is critical to complete tasks for you.
  • We provide training on security and privacy to all workers at hire. Staff take the security and privacy training annually thereafter.

You can also rest easy knowing your accounts are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.  In addition, ECU offers an Online Guarantee in the unlikely event that fraud occurs. 

Please remember that security is a shared responsibility.  ECU strongly recommends that members also take measures to protect their home computer and online privacy.


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