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Eastman Credit Union is committed to providing our members with Extraordinary Member Service through our Service Excellence Program. By hiring and retaining the BEST employees, our focus is on the member and we drive our business based upon the needs and wants of our member owners. The employees of Eastman Credit Union are recognized as a tremendous asset. We value our employees and want them to value ECU as a desirable place to work. We recognize the key to extraordinary member service is a competent, well-trained staff. We strive to ensure that our employees have both the knowledge and resources needed to serve our membership in an efficient, effective manner, one member at a time. 

The key to our culture at ECU is we look for people who are professional, analytical, patient, kind, self-motivated, service oriented, empowered, involved and confident. If this sounds like you, please bring your talents and skills to ECU.  


Job Classifications

ECU offers several different job types that fit into almost any lifestyle!

Employment Screening Criteria

ECU screens potential employees to find the best possible fit for our organization.


ECU Skill and Value Set

What kind of skills do you need to be a success at ECU?








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