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    ECU Visa® Contactless Payment Card

    Just tap to pay & go on your way!

    Now There's a Faster Way to Check Out!

    With ECU Visa® contactless debit and credit cards, you simply tap to pay and go on your way!  It’s the fast, convenient, and secure way for a seamless check out.


    3 Simple Steps


    1. Look

    2. Tap

    3. Go

    Look for the Contactless Symbol at the check out Tap your ECU contactless card on the reader Go after your payment is processed in seconds.






    ECU Visa® contactless cards use the same security as any other chip card.

    The EMV chip technology embedded in your card helps prevent stolen data from being fraudulently used.





    New Design

    Your ECU Visa® contactless card has a cool new vertical design!

    And all the details including your name, card number, and expiration date are on the back of the card.