Personal Banking
{"items":[{"heading":"Home Selling Seminar","startDate":"February 26 at 2:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/home-selling-seminar-(1)","summary":"October 23, 2018 — 6PM.
Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors
105 Tri-City Business Park Drive
Johnson City, TN 37615","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Home Selling Seminar","startDate":"February 26 at 2:32pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/texas/home-selling-seminar-(1)","summary":"November 13, 2018 — 6PM.
Staybridge Suites
3409 N Fourth Street
Longview, TX 75605","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Home Buying Seminar","startDate":"February 26 at 2:41pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/home-buying-seminar","summary":"November 13, 2018 — 6PM.
Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors
105 Tri-City Business Park Drive
Johnson City, TN 37615","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Identity Theft & Fraud Seminar","startDate":"October 23 at 11:30am ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/identity-theft-fraud-seminar-(1)","summary":"October 23, 2018 — 11:30am - 1pm.
Food City - Crown Center
Kingsport, TN ","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Credit Report Seminar","startDate":"October 23 at 6:30pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/credit-report-seminar-(1)","summary":"October 23, 2018 — 6pm - 7:30pm
The Depot at Food City
Johnson City, TN","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Identity Theft & Fraud Seminar","startDate":"October 24 at 11:30am ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/virginia/identity-theft-fraud-seminar","summary":"October 24, 2018 — 11:30am - 1pm.
Food City - Euclid Center
Bristol, VA ","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Social Security Seminar","startDate":"October 25 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/virginia/social-security-seminar-(1)","summary":"October 25, 2018 — 6PM
The Euclid Center at Food City
1320 Euclid Avenue
Bristol, VA 24201","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Social Security Seminar","startDate":"October 25 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/texas/social-security-seminar-(1)","summary":"October 25, 2018 — 6PM
Hampton Inn
3044 N Eastman Road
Longview, TX 75605","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Retirement Seminar","startDate":"November 1 at 11:30am ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/retirement-seminar","summary":"November 1, 2018 — 11:30AM
The Press Room at Food City
300 Clinchfield Street
Kingsport, TN 37660","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Retirement Seminar","startDate":"November 1 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/retirement-seminar-(1)","summary":"November 1, 2018 — 6PM
The Press Room at Food City
300 Clinchfield Street
Kingsport, TN 37660","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Credit Report Seminar","startDate":"November 6 at 11:30am ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/credit-report-seminar-(2)","summary":"November 6, 2018 — 11:30am - 1pm
The Depot at Food City
Johnson City, TN","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Retirement Seminar","startDate":"November 6 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/retirement-seminar-(2)","summary":"November 6, 2018 — 6PM
The Depot at Food City
920 N State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Identity Theft & Fraud Seminar","startDate":"November 13 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/virginia/identity-theft-fraud-seminar-(1)","summary":"November 13, 2018 — 6pm - 7:30pm.
Food City - Euclid Center
Bristol, VA ","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Identity Theft & Fraud Seminar","startDate":"November 15 at 11:00am ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/tennessee/identity-theft-fraud-seminar-(2)","summary":"November 15, 2018 — 11:30am - 1:30pm and 6pm - 7:30pm.
Depot at Food City
Johnson City, TN ","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Retirement Seminar","startDate":"November 15 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/virginia/retirement-seminar","summary":"November 15, 2018 — 6PM
The Euclid Center at Food City
1320 Euclid Avenue
Bristol, VA 24201","lat":"","lng":""},{"heading":"Retirement Seminar","startDate":"November 15 at 6:00pm ET","url":"/resources/seminars-events/texas/retirement-seminar","summary":"November 15, 2018 — 6PM
Hampton Inn
3044 N Eastman Road
Longview, TX 75605","lat":"","lng":""}]}


The ECU Beyond Free Checking account is a truly free checking account that meets your financial needs with no hassles, no hidden fees, and no gimmicks. Enjoy no monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirements, no fee for debit card and free use of more than 70 ECU ATMs.

  • Free stock checks for every box you order
  • Earn dividends on all balances
  • No ECU surcharge at foreign ATMs
  • Free Visa® Check Card and certified checks
  • Free switch kit to take the hassle out of changing direct deposits and automatic debits
  • Free domestic (U.S.) wire transfers 
  • Free access to ECU Online® with free Online Statements and free online check viewing
  • Free account access by phone
  • Free access to 55,000+ ATMs on the Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network with your ECU Visa Check Card
  • Free enrollment of direct deposit on Social Security, Disability, SSI and other government payments

You can open your account online from start to finish in as little as 15 minutes!

Learn More:

Beyond Free Checking Rates

Rates are subject to change.

$0 - 9,9990.05%0.05%
$10,000 - 24,999 0.10%0.10%
$25,000 - 49,9990.15%0.15%
$50,000 - 99,9990.20%0.20%
$100,000 - 199,0000.25%0.25%
$200,000 or greater0.30%0.30%

Rates accurate as of October 01, 2018 and are subject to change.

1APY refers to annual percentage yield and is subject to change at the discretion of Eastman Credit Union with the exception of the share account which is determined by the credit union board of directors. APY assumes dividends will remain on deposit. APY is an annual calculation based on 365 days (366 days in a leap year). Fees or withdrawals may reduce earnings. APY can change after account opening for variable rate accounts. APY shown is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. Dividends are paid monthly on all accounts. Dividends earned on all accounts may be transferred to another account at ECU. Checks are not issued for dividends earned on these account types.

2Rate and APY for the Beyond Free Checking account also applies to the Health Savings Account checking account.